ABC Truck Flyer

Every Dependable CUSTOM PUMPER is customized to meet YOUR EXACT requirements. WE PROVIDE numerous options of body designs to ensure YOUR UNIT IS truly customized TO YOUR NEEDS WHILE MAINTAINING the highest quality apparatus on the market CONSTRUCTED OF EITHER ALUMINUM OR STAINLESS STEEL.

Every Dependable COMMERCIAL PUMPER is customized to meet exacting customer requirements. Several Body types to choose from, these include two or four-door options, Aluminum or Stainless Steel to meet your specific application. They can also be built for rural settings combining water- carrying capabilities of a tanker with the overall effectiveness of a first-response pumper.

Each Vehicle design has optional single or tandem rear axles based on GVWR. Several choices of pump sizes and configurations are available, including choice of body layout on vehicle (mid-ship, rear mount). Hosebed layouts as per a Department’s requirements e.g. cross lays, speed lays, rear lays or bumper lays. Numerous choices on Pump panel locations that will best suit department requirements. Departments choices will be determined by past experiences, e.g. driver side, curb side, rear, cross body or in-cab for pump operator safety.




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