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HME Ahrens-Fox offers a quality selection of performance driven engines for wildland, wildfire, brush, and urban interface operations


• CET Skid Unit • Federal Signal Siren and Lighting Package • Decal Package A tank, a live hose reel and/or crosslay, a portable fire pump and/or a compressed air foam system (CAFS), with an engine - these can be combined into a single one-piece assembly that can be slipped onto a truck bed, trailer, or into a body and used for flowing water and or foam on a structural fire, car fire or wildfire. The most common wildland and urban interface fire engines in North America combine a small truck with a water tank and a high performance portable pump. Municipal and Industrial fire departments, and all Forestry Fire Authorities use drop- in units. The sizes vary from 50 gallons, for an ATV, up to 500 gallons for full size trucks.

THE PERFECT BALANCE OF WILDLAND & INTERFACE FUNCTIONALITY The AF-WUI merges the high-clearance capability of the Model 34 Type 3 Wildland with the functionality, exceptional handling, and storage capacity of the Model 18 Type 1 Interface. It’s the perfect balance of capabilities made to lead a revolution in wildland engineering and design. A 1500-GPM pump, with a foam and deck gun, provide additional structure protection capability. A diesel-driven pump supports pump-and-roll operations. The system incorporates two front bumper lines, two lines on each side of the truck, dual rear lines, a cross-lay bed, two booster reels and connections for relay pumping. GROUND CLEARANCE, CLEAN CAB, & BODY DESIGNED TO CLIMB & MOVE THROUGH WILDLAND OBSTACLES WITH EASE Built on an HME Ahrens-Fox custom, high-clearance SFO® 4x4 chassis, the AF-WUI is designed to climb over off-road wildland obstacles that stop other apparatus in their tracks. An extreme tight-turn radius also allows the AF-WUI to negotiate twisting two-tracks and mountain trails with ease.


The MiniEvo™ (Ford F-550) features a 4x4 chassis with a GVWR of 19,500 lbs and a 330-HP engine producing 660 lbs ft-lbs of torque. The pump delivers certified 1500-GPM performance. The MiniEvo™ (Ford F-550) also incorporates an expanded MiniEvo™ stainless steel body with 139-cubic feet of compartment space for rescue equipment and gear, along with 40-cubic feet of hosebed storage to maximize truck capability and capacity.




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