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ABC Fire & Safety Equipment Ltd. is your One-Stop-Shop for products and services for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional facilities. We specialize in Fire and Safety equipment, First Aid supplies, Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Suppression Systems, and provide Inspections & Installations. “We service everything we sell. We are not just a distributor. We are also bilingual,” says David Jeanson, President of ABC Fire & Safety, which is one of the longest running full service companies of its kind. Our company was founded in St. Boniface in 1979, and is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. ABC is located at 800 Marion Street to in a facility with a footprint of 16,000 sq. feet. At this facility, there is ample room for indoor fire hose testing year-round, a state-of-the-art computerized hydrostatic test system, a clean and repair centre for turnout gear, and more.

DEPENDABLE was founded in 1975 and is, as it began, a family operated business. Our many years of experience and unsurpassed quality has led us to be one of the largest independent tank manufacturing facility in Canada. Our innovative design and engineering concepts allow us to manufacture cargo tanks, trailers and emergency vehicles to your specifications. We strive to maintain the highest industry standards by providing excellent service and long term durability. Our emergency vehicle division designs custom applications specific to our customer’s require- ments. We produce fire-fighting pumpers, rescue units, HAZMAT, command units and much more. Our attention to detail and proven engineering allow our customers to customize their order.

ABC sells and services a full range of Fire, Safety, EMS products, and First Aid supplies. It is a single- source for Life/Safety equipment such as, SCBA, PPE, Turnout Gear, Rescue Equipment, Extrication Tools, Stabilization Equipment, Nozzles and Firehoses, Extinguishers, Safety Equipment, Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s), and more. With all of our combined experience in serving Emergency Responders, it is only natural that we expand our product offering to include Emergency Vehicles in our new Partnership with Dependable Emergency Vehicles.

We have built a long-standing reputable company based on producing quality products, providing full service and quality repairs. Long after your purchase, our service continues. DEPENDABLE has a 30 bay, full-service repair facility for bodywork, painting, refurbishing and truck repairs.

We look forward to growing our business with our new Partnership with ABC Fire & Safety.

Pino Natale Director of Emergency Vehicles Division

David Jeanson President




Every Dependable CUSTOM PUMPER is customized to meet YOUR EXACT requirements. WE PROVIDE numerous options of body designs to ensure YOUR UNIT IS truly customized TO YOUR NEEDS WHILE MAINTAINING the highest quality apparatus on the market CONSTRUCTED OF EITHER ALUMINUM OR STAINLESS STEEL.

Every Dependable COMMERCIAL PUMPER is customized to meet exacting customer requirements. Several Body types to choose from, these include two or four-door options, Aluminum or Stainless Steel to meet your specific application. They can also be built for rural settings combining water- carrying capabilities of a tanker with the overall effectiveness of a first-response pumper.

Each Vehicle design has optional single or tandem rear axles based on GVWR. Several choices of pump sizes and configurations are available, including choice of body layout on vehicle (mid-ship, rear mount). Hosebed layouts as per a Department’s requirements e.g. cross lays, speed lays, rear lays or bumper lays. Numerous choices on Pump panel locations that will best suit department requirements. Departments choices will be determined by past experiences, e.g. driver side, curb side, rear, cross body or in-cab for pump operator safety.




Stock Spartan Pumper #52981 Spartan MetroStar 380hp/1150 LB/FT Marine Grade Aluminum 306 L Stainless Steel Wrap

The interior layout of the WALK-IN RESCUE provides not only efficient storage considerations but also a temperature- controlled environment ideal for on-scene rehab conditions. Being a customized facility, dependable is extremely flexible when constructing the interior space. Each unit can be customized in order to fit all your equipment while meeting both industrial and department demand. We offer bodies constructed of Aluminum and Stainless Steel to meet your specific application.

We also offer multiple exterior doors and compartments which can be utilized to best meet the most horrendous calls.

Stock Spartan Pumper #54063 Foam Pro 2001

1000 USG Poly Tank 20 USG Foam Tank Rear Ladder Storage

Stock Freightliner Pumper #51643 36,000lbs GVWR 1500 USGPM Single-Stage Pump 1000 Gallon Water Tank with 30USG foam cell Hale/Class 1 TPG pressure governor Enclosed Suction Hose and Ladder Storage Pumphouse with 6 Discharges

The exterior layout of the WALK-AROUND RESCUE provides a variety of compartment styles including many options for equipment and special tools. Every Dependable walk around rescue is customizable in order to meet both the industries and departmental requirements. We offer bodies constructed of Aluminum and Stainless Steel to meet your specific application. We also offer multiple exterior doors and compartments which can be utilized to best meet the most horrendous calls.






Stage four consists of our on-site 90 ft paint shop completing interior and exterior painting customized graphics allows our customers to choose any graphic and decals to fit fire departments.

Stage one consists of pre-construction negotiation, specification drafts, sales drawing, along with weight, balance, and multi-purpose usage. The Emergency Vehicles Division designs custom applications specific to our customer’s requirements.



Stage two consists of the mechanical engineering team creating 3D models of the body and pump house. These customized drawings are made using the most reliable and latest engineering design software. During this development stage tank capacity, additional storage, multi-function usage, and exclusive capabilities are implemented.

Stage five consists of ULC testing. Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Inc. is an independent product safety testing certification and inspection organization. The testing is done once the apparatus is completed and prior to deliver to our customers. ULC Cert. in- cludes testing and evaluation of the apparatus, pump, and generator components to Canadian standards for safety functionally



Stage three consists of manufacturing the custom- ized body at Dependable as per specifications from our customers. Using plasma technology, sheets of stainless steel or aluminum are cut and formal preparation for assembly. Following preparation, our custom fabricated metal products are assembled in ordinance to the drawings.

Stage Six consists of making sure our customers are 100% satisfied with their new fire apparatus. Even long after your purchase our service continues in our ONE-STOP SHOP FACILITY, both in- house and on-road!




An Innovative Direction in Aerial Quality, Performance and Functionality HME has raised the bar in aerial quality, durability, performance and functionality through total vertical integration of its engineering and manufacturing processes. HME now designs and manufactures its own complete line of aerial ladders, towers, aerial components and innovative aerial technologies to enhance performance, durability and value. Discover a more responsive and flexible resource in aerial fire apparatus engineering and design with the complete line of HME Aerial Products.

Dependable offers a high-strength, low weight solution, built out of aluminum and stainless steel. Various tank sizes and types of material are available with pump and roll capabilities for wildland or forestry firefighting with either single or tandem axles customized to meet both industrial and departmental requirements. Offering both custom and commercial units Dependable can be your one-stop shop for both manufacturing and service.

Smart, Tough, Platform Performance - Innovative Engineering and Control Technology Another product of total vertical integration of on-site engineering and manufacturing processes, HME Ahrens-Fox platforms provide additional rescue functionality and platform security while sharing all the advanced features, technologies and advantages of today’s Aerial Products line. Smart platform design, a stainless steel turntable with a steel, four-section ladder features our proprietary, patent- pending, LED rung-alignment technology, for secure and safe deployment, even in compromised light conditions.




HME Ahrens-Fox offers a quality selection of performance driven engines for wildland, wildfire, brush, and urban interface operations


• CET Skid Unit • Federal Signal Siren and Lighting Package • Decal Package A tank, a live hose reel and/or crosslay, a portable fire pump and/or a compressed air foam system (CAFS), with an engine - these can be combined into a single one-piece assembly that can be slipped onto a truck bed, trailer, or into a body and used for flowing water and or foam on a structural fire, car fire or wildfire. The most common wildland and urban interface fire engines in North America combine a small truck with a water tank and a high performance portable pump. Municipal and Industrial fire departments, and all Forestry Fire Authorities use drop- in units. The sizes vary from 50 gallons, for an ATV, up to 500 gallons for full size trucks.

THE PERFECT BALANCE OF WILDLAND & INTERFACE FUNCTIONALITY The AF-WUI merges the high-clearance capability of the Model 34 Type 3 Wildland with the functionality, exceptional handling, and storage capacity of the Model 18 Type 1 Interface. It’s the perfect balance of capabilities made to lead a revolution in wildland engineering and design. A 1500-GPM pump, with a foam and deck gun, provide additional structure protection capability. A diesel-driven pump supports pump-and-roll operations. The system incorporates two front bumper lines, two lines on each side of the truck, dual rear lines, a cross-lay bed, two booster reels and connections for relay pumping. GROUND CLEARANCE, CLEAN CAB, & BODY DESIGNED TO CLIMB & MOVE THROUGH WILDLAND OBSTACLES WITH EASE Built on an HME Ahrens-Fox custom, high-clearance SFO® 4x4 chassis, the AF-WUI is designed to climb over off-road wildland obstacles that stop other apparatus in their tracks. An extreme tight-turn radius also allows the AF-WUI to negotiate twisting two-tracks and mountain trails with ease.


The MiniEvo™ (Ford F-550) features a 4x4 chassis with a GVWR of 19,500 lbs and a 330-HP engine producing 660 lbs ft-lbs of torque. The pump delivers certified 1500-GPM performance. The MiniEvo™ (Ford F-550) also incorporates an expanded MiniEvo™ stainless steel body with 139-cubic feet of compartment space for rescue equipment and gear, along with 40-cubic feet of hosebed storage to maximize truck capability and capacity.




We offer a wide range of parts and equipment to service all of your Apparatus needs.


Mobile Pump Testing We will come to you!

Ground ladder Repair and Maintenance on all makes and models as per NFPA 1932 Standard. Aerial ladder inspection repair and maintenance as per NFPA 1914 standard.






Dependable Emergency Vehicles warrants each new fire & rescue vehicle manufactured by Dependable.




800 Marion Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R2J 0K4 Toll Free 1-800-665-1250


1-800-665-1250 Pricing Subject to Change Without Notice WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL

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